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NFT Giveaway on Unyfy

Giveaways allow you to reward users for engagement and activity on your platform with NFTs or with tokens.

When you go to the Giveaway section in your UPM the first thing you see is an overview of all giveaways you have created in the past. This includes:

  • Published Giveaways
  • Draft Giveaways and
  • Archived Giveaways

You will also see whether the Giveaway included tokens or NFT(s). Even though there is a shared overview page for all Giveaways there is a seperate process for creating them.

Using NFC-based Giveaways

When you create an NFT giveaway or a token giveaway and select the event User scans NFC UPM will generate a URL that needs to be written on an NFC tag. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team for detailed instructions. You can simply use the chat widget here in the Unyfy Academy to get in touch.

NFC-based Giveaways on Unyfy

As these NFC tags take some time to be ordered, written and shipped please plan accordingly and expect around 10 business days to have the giveaway operational.

Using API-based Giveaways

You can build any custom Giveaway trigger you want using our API-based giveaways. In the event selection, you will find the event API Trigger. After saving the Giveaway with this event selected, a UUID is generated and shown in the events tab.

API-based Giveaways on Unyfy

In your API call, you can pass us this UUID to identify the Giveaway, together with a list of users that should receive it.

Example Usecase

You have a user base comprising fans of different football teams from the Bundesliga. Users can add their favorite team to their user profile. Then, when a user's favorite team scores a goal, you can let our API know to reward all fans with a few tokens or an NFT.

You can implement all of this conveniently using our SDK. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team to receive the complete documentation.