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What exactly is Unyfy?

It’s a no-code web3 content and community management system with built-in tools to power every creator’s independent business. You can best think of it as a digital one-stop-shop for your fans and super-fans where you can create and offer free and premium content as well as community interactions. And it comes with all the tools to build your independent digital business with ease.

So what’s this web3 you mention?

The term web3 is used predominantly in the blockchain community and describes the next iteration of the internet that will

    - be less centralized, in both a technological and economical sense,
    - give users and creators more control over their data,
    - (re-)prioritize interoperability and open standards over gated islands.

The possibilities of web3 technology and its ethos of decentralization and more ownership for creators and users alike can be utilized to create a better solution for creators. Specifically we use web3 technology to

    - give more control and ownership to creators and users alike
    - make it easy to create flexible digital offerings, ranging from subscriptions, to micropayments and virtual goods
    - bridge the gap between publishing and community participation

How do you use web3?

Your platform comes out of the box with your own creator token and allows you to easily mint NFTs. Sounds complicated? Well, we work hard to make it as easy to use as possible for both you and your fans. We don’t build software for an elite group of web3 and crypto-savvy creators. Rather, we aim to make the tools and mechanisms of web3 accessible to everyone who can operate a CMS and navigate an app.


You talk about Utility NFTs. What does that mean?

As the subtitle suggests, utility NFTs are NFTs that have a specific utility or application. You can also think of uNFTs as interactive NFTs, what means that the assets themselves have functions and the user experiences that exist around them get increasingly more elaborate and varied.

We differentiate between the functions of the uNFTs as follows:

    - Access NFTs: Get access to exclusive experiences, online and offline which can include events with celebrities/athletes, premium content, voting on brand decisions, and much more.
    - Gamified NFTs: Users compete for special NFTs that are dropped as a perk for their activities or contributions.
    - Community: Ownership of exclusive NFTs comes with access to special fan communities. Ownership can be transferred if desired.
    - Engagement NFTs: They encompass NFTs that can be used to engage with other users within a community.
    - Social NFTs: are NFTs that can be used socially like GIFs, emojis, badges, profile pictures, comment embeds, etc.

All of these options are easy to create with Unyfy. To learn more about it, we recommend you to read this article.

How do I give my NFTs Utility?

You can give utility to your NFTs in a number of ways. For example, you can give NFT owners access to exclusive benefits and experiences both digitally and physically. You can also make any type of content or community interaction like AMAs, vortings, or ideation missions available only to NFTs owners.Also, your users can use their NFTs as “digital swag” in the community by showing them on their profile or in their comments and other content.

The possibilities to give your uNFTs utility are manifold and also depend a bit on your business concept. For further questions regarding the use of uNFTS on your platform we recommend you to contact our Customer Happiness team at

How can fans earn NFTs by engaging and interacting on Unyfy?

You can reward users for using and participating on your Unyfy platform. This is done using the “NFTs Giveaway” mechanic that allows you to create automated giveaways with ease. To learn how to do this, take a look at this Academy section.

What NFT standard are the NFTs based on?

NFTs on Unyfy use the ERC-1155 standard and are minted on the Liquiditeam PoA chain initially.

Can we transfer NFTs to another wallet or resell on another market?

Currently you can't transfer NFTs. However, it will soon be possible,once we rolled out our bridge to the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon.

Is there any cost that I bear while creating an NFT through the platform?

No, minting an NFT is free for you.

Why is there the option to add NFTs to posts?

Using NFTs in comments and in other forms of user-generated content is a cool way for users to selectively show what NFTs they have collected/bought. One very illustrative use case is the use of GIF NFTs.

Will Liquiditeam take any commission from selling NFTs?

Yes, the default variable fee that applies to all other token transactions will apply to non-fungible tokens as well.


How does adding more tokens to boost a post or a piece of content work relative to other people doing the same thing?

Depending on where this happens the boost count will influence how content is displayed. Especially for comments and ideas the default sorting is showing the UGC with the most boost on top - so boosting affects the sorting of content. There is also the option for the user to switch to the "Hot" sorting, where the comments with the most amount of boost collected in the past 48 hours is shown at the top - similar to a "trending" logic.

Aside from the tokens giving the users the ability to boost content, as well as access premium content, do they have any other value to the user?

The token can have value in various ways to the user. If it is positioned mostly as a social token where engagement is rewarded and users boost each other's comments and ideas, it is a digital representation of reputation on the platform and therefore it has a "reputation" value. If you choose to publish premium content and sell tokens as a form of digital credit to unlock said content with, then tokens also have a monetary value in some sense. If you choose to sell 100 Tokens for 10€ and a premium video needs to be unlocked with 10 Tokens then users will ascribe a value of 1€ to them - regardless of whether they bought them or earned them through interaction and engagement.

Do I have to mint the Tokens?

On Unyfy you don't have to mint Creator Tokens manually, as they are minted on demand for you. Creator Tokens on Unyfy use the ERC20 standard and are minted on the Liquiditeam Mainnet. Minting simply refers to creating a Creator Token, or more generally a token, on the blockchain.

How can I use Tokens?

There are different ways to think about your creator tokens:

Reputation Reward

Your community members earn tokens when they actively contribute. This works fully automated by default (if you want to fine-tune the "tokenomics", you of course have all the controls). So, your creator tokens are, in a sense, a representation of their owners' reputation in your community.

Community Influence

Your creator tokens give its owners more options and influence in your personal "metaverse". Your fans can use them to boost (think upvote) questions, content, and ideas. Or up the stakes and let your fans tokenvote on meaningful matters.


You can create premium content that your fans can unlock using their creator tokens. Such a "tokenwall" is a great, fan-friendly alternative to offering subscriptions. More flexibility for you and your audience. You can also make NFTs unlockable with creator tokens.

How do my fans get tokens?

There are various ways to distribute them. You can combine them all or focus on one.

Selling Tokens

You can sell creator tokens either in individual packs or as part of a subscription/membership. To accept payments, you have to connect a Stripe account.

Rewarding Contributions

You can reward the activity and valuable contributions of your community with creator tokens. The community chest automates this in a gamified way. And using Token Giveaways, you can create rules and automations that reward user actions according to your needs.

Sponsored Tokens

Drive valuable interactions between brands and fans: enable engaging campaigns that connect your fans and your advertisers in meaningful ways. Using Sponsored Giveaways, your partners can reward all kinds of user actions with your creator tokens.

How can fans earn tokens by engaging and interacting on Unyfy?

The way to reward users for interacting with content is through the Token Giveaway mechanic described here


Is it possible to pin a content piece to the top of the News feed?

Yes you can. You can pin a new or already published content to the top of the home feed by turning on the Pin to top toggle in the contents settings. The content will stay pinned until you pin another content to the top or disable the Pin to top toggle again.

Are Podcasts to be posted natively on the platform, or can we embed them from our Spotify channel for example?

Both are possible. To publish audio files natively in the app, simply upload the file either to the media gallery or directly at the time of content creation. Same goes for embedded files and adding them as external media to your gallery. Find help in this Academy article.


Do Spaces allow users to post photos and videos?

Enabling this is on our roadmap, but we need to build it in a bit more complex way (meaning implementing intelligent filters, etc.) because you as the operator might be liable for illegal or abusive content or copyright infringements.

Can I change the name of "Spaces" to “Groups”?

In general changing names (e.g. sidebar menu items, buttons, etc.) is possible and can be edited in the Localization section of the UPM. How it works is explained in this academy article.

Other Functionality

Can users send private messages to each other?

Currently we don't have a private message feature implemented. In general, it's possible and we have it on our roadmap, but it won't happen in the super short term.

How do Hyperlinks open separate windows?

All hyperlinks, that point out of your app automatically open in a new tab on your PC or a new window in your mobile phone's browser. All internal links to content etc. open inside the app. If you want to open an internal link in a new tab on your PC you can press CMD + click on a MacOS or CTRL + click on Windows.

Why do I get a text message while creating an account on the live instance and not on the test/alpha instance?

In general, we only trigger text messages on the live instances, as every text message send incurs a cost for us. Hence we don't send out SMS messages when creating accounts on test instances.

Is there a search function?

This is currently not possible but a search function is on the near-term roadmap.

What Blockchain does Unyfy run on?

Unyfy uses the LT Mainnet, a PoA Ethereum-based sidechain, as its technical foundation. Our requirements for a blockchain were and are:

    - a large developer ecosystem
    - high transaction throughput
    - low transaction fees
    - low energy consumption

Ethereum fullfils the first criterion and, in our opinion, is still unbeaten in terms of the developer community that has developed around the project. At the same time, however, Ethereum (as of today) cannot (yet) meet the other criteria. The Ethereum sidechain we use is compatible with the mainchain and we will soon offer a token bridge that allows users to transfer their NFTs from Unyfy to Ethereum - and thus to the established marketplaces.

Native Apps

Where can I change the mobile app logo?

You can change the mobile app logo in the UPM when you go to Customization > Configuration > General App Identity. There you have to change the Favicon. The logos for the native apps (iOS & Android) you have to set during the app registration process via Apple App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Does the Pro Level Pricing include an app that will be listed in both main app stores and fully white-labelled as my own?

Pro Level Pricing includes native apps for both Android and iOS. These applications will be fully white-labeled and we will not be listed as the developer. We will kindly ask you to create an Apple Developer Account / Play Console Account and then add us as a "user" to the account so we can take care of uploading new versions of the app and support with the app review process while you appear as the owner of the application. This way you can always manage your App Store presence yourself, e.g. manage in-app products, descriptions, marketing assets etc. while we can manage the technicalities